Our Pastor's Invitation Image


        Remember playing tag as a child?  Remember how you would be chased and at the last second, just before you were tagged, you leapt up high, and came down on "free space"?  It is that place where no one can tag you- where all the pressures and stress of the game disappear.

        Wampee UMC can become that place for you- it can be your "free space" in life.  That special place of refuge, a sanctuary from the worries and heartaches of this world- a place where you can find bread for your journey of faith. 

        But the church is more than a place.  It is the living "Body of Christ".  It is where the means of grace are shared with a hungry and broken hearted world.  It is where the wounded of spirit rise up on the wings of eagles to go forth to transform  the world in the name of the one who has transformed us.  This is the power of the risen body of Christ.  I have seen it!  Come join us.

Pastor Glen Dameron