Bette Auld

Fred Auld

Anne M. Bell

Recording Secretary
Member PPRC

Cathy Bell

Finance Chair
Member PPRC

Diane Bell

Church Council
Member PPRC

Holly Bell

Fred Bjork

Pam Chestnut

Susan Cunnup

Donna Grimes

Maggie Hussey

Jo Anne Bell Johnson

Cathy Johnson

Lay Leader
Chairperson Of Pastor Parish Relations Committee (PPRC)

Kirk Johnson

Patricia Oliver

Van Oliver

Leslie Olson

Weston Parker

Member PPRC

Chuck,Holly,Charlie,Abby&Payton Permenter

Linda Powell

Tom Powell

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Toni Lynn and Robert Praete

Pastor Gary Richardson


Lorraine Richardson

Kathleen Robinson

Rebecca Scott

Erin Stevens

Kim Stevens

Savanna Stevens

Roy Stevens

Roy and his wife Nell are regular visitors to Wampee UMC. 

Dwayne Williams

Church Treasurer

Layla Williams

Linda Williams

Susan Summa

Gretchen Zotter